Smart Minds solution for Governments

Smart Minds government solutions are mostly targeted to local governments working in managing their business processes more efficient manner. We have noticed that the biggest challenge which most local governments face is their processes. Smart Minds has partnered with a unique solution provider called Entellitrak, to bring solutions to governments that help improve their processes.

Smart Minds has knowledge and experience in solving unique challenges faced by governments ranging from managing correction facilities, process management for contracts, human resources, discrimination in workplace etc. The key benefit of working with Smart Minds is that we have predesigned processes and solutions which address these challenges efficiently in a short time frame, giving governments the capability to address situations needing urgent attention.

Predesigned Processes

Templates based on solutions for problems by various governments around the world to address a similar challenge.

Faster ROI

Accelerate ROI with Case Management Frameworks, BPM process templates and Rapid Application Development.

Scenario learning

Pre-configurations and process walk-through, giving your government insight into what other governments do in similar situations.

Goverment Solution by Entellitrak

Total process overview

Overview of all the cases and other details are provided on the Entellitrak dashboard, the most important overviews can be selected to show on the top and many other customizations can be done for monitoring.

Adjust to your needs

Reporting is parametrized based on the objects and fields in the object in Entellitrak because of the data first nature of the software. This makes reporting easy and clear.

Monitoring cases

Monitoring various items in the dashboard is really easy as the dashboards provide expandable widgets which makes it easy to monitor all the critical factors of the application from one screen.